double century sunrise
January 26, 2021

Fuelling for your Double Century


Before The Race

  • TEST your nutrition plan in training to ensure you know what works best for you. Not only products, but the timing of when you take what as well. (GelsBarsDrinks etc.) 
  • KNOW what nutrition will be available along the course and WHERE the feed stations are.
  • CHECK the weather conditions for race day (you might need more fuel if it’s cold and nail the hydration if it’s hot) 
  • CARBO loading: Make sure your fuel stores (muscle glycogen) are full during the days leading up to the race. No extremes needed, high muscle glycogen levels can be achieved by just eating more carbohydrates. 


Eating more carbohydrate does not mean overeating or eating as much as possible! It simply means making sure more of your daily calories are coming from carbohydrates at the cost of some fat. Eat less fibre the day before the race to avoid GI(gastrointestinal) stress. 


Pre-Race Breakfast

  • Eat a carbohydrate rich breakfast, avoid fibre 
  • Whatever you prefer: oatmeal, bagel, rice, waffles with syrup, pancakes, banana, cereal, bars etc. 
  • Around 100g of carbs + Protein 
  • Depending on you digestion and start time, 2-3 or 3-4 hours before the start

Don't forget to Drink enough! 

Last Hour Before Your Race Starts

  • Sip on a bottle of your hydration fluids (Carbofuel)

Take a gel or a small bar 15 minutes before your start


During Your Race 

  • Don’t under or over do the amount of carbs you take in
  • We recommend around 60g of carbs are per hour
  • Check that your hydration drink of choice contains carbohydrate (Marathon works well here)
  • Don’t try new products on race day!
  • Caffeine: recommended is 3mg per kg body weight, but do not exceed 400g per day! Check your gels, many contain caffeine which might cause GI stress! 

Have a look at our trusty nutrition pacing chart to help simplify things


Post Race Recovery

  • Recovery shake: Protein (20g) + Carbs (1g per kg body weight) 
  • Revive or milk based drink or protein enriched smoothie works too

 If you have the time post race take a look at Cadence Nutrition athlete Mariske Struass's "Post Race Recovery Smoothie" recipe : Here