Our Values

At Cadence Nutrition, we believe in four basic principles to best fuel your athletic performance and aid recovery.  By remaining true to these values of scientific efficacy, superior taste, product safety and purity, we have developed a comprehensive supplement range for you to enjoy with complete trust.

No Hype. Just Science. 



All the products sold by Cadence Nutrition are research driven according to strict scientific principles. Only once we are satisfied that the peer reviewed scientific evidence for an ingredient will allow us to formulate a higher standard of product, will we consider it for inclusion in our range.




All products are manufactured in ISO 22000 certified facilities that follow GMP criteria. Every ingredient is scrutinised to ensure that it is safe for competition, and not on the WADA prohibited substances or “banned” lists. Random product batches are regularly certified as safe for competition by an independent testing facility.



Before releasing new products, we work meticulously to achieve the finest possible taste profile for their selected use. We accept no compromise on the enjoyment of our products and strive for perfection.



Free from artificial flavourants, colourants and preservatives. Although it would be easier to make products which include artificial flavours, colourants and preservatives, we prefer to keep our formulations as natural as possible, using only the ingredients required to achieve the best possible performance during exercise.