Interview with Cadence Athlete Nadine Rieder
January 27, 2021

Interview with Cadence Athlete Nadine Rieder

Interview with Cadence Nutrition Athlete Nadine Rieder

Nadine Rieder is a 31 year old German mountain biker, a former  German national champion in the XC eliminator. Nadine's focus now lies on the XCO circuit. Nadine is also coached by Doc Jeroen Swart and has joined the Cadence family in 2020.


Have you always been into cycling and what made you decide to pursue a pro career?
The reason I started cycling was my 2 year older brother and when he started, then I also wanted to do it. My first mtb race was when I was 9 years old.
My grandpa was an athlete but he did athletics and cross country skiing, as too was my mom. Growing up in the Alps was also a huge reason for me being out and about doing all kinds of sports but at 13, I had to decide between winter or summer sports because, when I still was racing bikes in late summer, the xc skiing group went on the glacier for preparations. Even though I love being on skis, I‘m happy with my decision;-)

Do you have any mentors in cycling, or people you look up to who have inspired you during your racing career?
Back in the days it was always my brother, but he stopped racing as a junior. Generally I would say that all people who don’t give up and staying positive are inspirations to me.
Since I started to work with Jeroen he has become a mentor to me; I trust his work and I have the feeling that he can help me to get the best version of myself.

Please tell me about your typical training week as a professional cyclist. Do you incorporate other forms of training, like yoga or gym?

Most of my training hours are spent on the bike but I have also gym sessions and I include lots of yoga, stability and flexibility. During winter we have lots of snow so I do plenty of the endurance sessions on ski (cross country skiing/ski mountaineering). I think that incorporating different types of training is great for your body.

How have you stayed motivated during this crazy time and how have your goals for the rest of the season changed?
Fortunately, I have never had trouble with motivation. Following my program and seeing the progress really motivates me a lot! My goals are still the same as they were before Covid, so I hope that the World Cups and Championships take place.

Everyone knows you have to be physically strong to compete on an international level but many don’t realise how big a part your mentality plays in racing. Do you do any type of mental training or exercises to keep your mind strong?
I spend a lot of time reading about mental strength and neurolinguistic programming because I know that a strong mind is super important. It is a topic and practice that really interests me; it also helps that I can chat to Jeroen about it and he spends a great deal of time helping me build the mental strength needed to compete at the highest level.
If you weren’t a pro what do you think you would be doing or what job would you like to have?
I‘m very interested in nutrition and I love cooking and baking as well so I’d probably work as a nutritionist. 

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as a pro woman during your cycling career?
I was very successful and talented as a young rider so I went to a sports boarding school. Sadly I got problems with my back and scoliosis was diagnosed. I stopped cycling for an entire year and some docs told me I can’t do sports on such a high level again.
It was heart-breaking but I wanted to compete so badly that I started again. It was so challenging because, when I came back to racing, I was not winning or riding somewhere in front like I was used to it; I was at the very back and had to fight for my comeback.

You recently took part in the Proffix Swissbikecup, how did it feel to be back racing again?
The whole preparation went so well and I was super keen to be back at the startline. It‘s so great that we have now the possibility to race again. I was not that satisfied with my result because I know I can do better, but I learned that‘s also a progression and I already look forward to the upcoming races to learn and grow. 
Do you have a favourite quote?
Work hard dream big.

Any tips or advice for women or young girls who are thinking about getting into cycling?

The groups are mostly mixed so it‘s very important for girls to know that they shouldn’t have any doubts and fears of not being good enough. They should see it as a chance to learn from others! And they should never forget to have fun out there.
Training is sometimes super tough but the opportunity to be on your bike, enjoying beautiful nature and stunning views is something special. The consciousness of this, combined with a good coach is the best way to start the journey as a cyclist. 
 What is your favourite nutrition product from Cadence?
I love the Carbofuel bars! The Revive and Protein Fuel are definitely one of my favourites too because they are super tasty and they’re perfect for when I make yummy buy healthy treats like smoothie bowls, waffles or just delicious shakes.