Socially Distant
January 27, 2021

Socially Distant



With cycling events on hold for the foreseeable future, we were inspired by the global trend of DIY gravel cycling rides, which have taken place over the past few weeks. So, Cadence Nutrition and East City Cycles have partnered to create our own event right here in Cape Town. You’re intrigued I can tell.



We love riding bikes as much as you do and partaking in events is an integral part of that.

We have created a self-navigated, gravel bike ride in and around Cape Town, while taking into consideration necessary social distancing and safety protocols.

The 55km route will circumnavigate Table Mountain. There will be sections of gravel, tar, cobbles and foot paths. The emphasis herein is that this is a ride, there will be certain Strava segments which you can give a go, but it is not a full gas effort from start to finish.





SOCIALLY DISTANT will take place on Saturday 13 June 2020 starting in the Cape Town CBD.


You can start any time between 7.30am and 10am, this is in order to promote social distancing and we know some of you like to sleep in a bit.


You will need to self-navigate the route, so a GPS device or smart phone is necessary. We will send through the route files and other necessary information beforehand.


SOCIALLY DISTANT will be approximately 55km with sections of tar road, gravel, cobbles and foot paths. There will be steeper pitches which will test your Zwifting fitness, or lack thereof, so come prepared.


You should not ride in big groups and social distancing should be practiced at all times, please also ensure that you were a face mask or Buff of some sort.


This is a gravel bike event. If you don’t have one we’re cool with you coming on your mountain bike, or even road bike, if you’re brave or stupid enough.


If you like the taste of blood in your mouth, there will be Strava segments which you can rev the engine on. There will be randomly allocated prizes for different positions on different segments, the prizes however will only be for riders on gravel bikes.


The prize giving will be done on our social media channels after the event, there will not be a formal ceremony so unfortunately no crowds of cheering fans for you to bask in your glory.


Enter on the link below, entries are free, but they are limited (you do need to enter so we can send you the route file and further relevant information). We would like to encourage the donation of a non-perishable food item which will be donated to a charity in need. Further details will be communicated to ride participants.




When: Saturday 13th June, 7.30 – 10am start window

Where: Cape Town CBD

What do you need:

  • A gravel bike(preferably)
  • GPS device or Smartphone
  • Some Zwift lock down fitness
  • A face mask of some sort
  • A SAN Parks Activity Card
  • Non-perishable food item for donation(bag of rice, mielie meal, can of food etc)