Benoit Capostagno
January 27, 2021

Benoit Capostagno

Benoit (Ben) Capostagno – Runner


In his second year at university, completing his Sports Science degree, Ben ran his first half marathon, before competing in a 5km or even 10km event.  His educated curiosity got him wondering how much he could improve his performance through quality and focussed training.


For Ben, an example of one of those training sessions is hard 1km efforts on the track.  Despite the discomfort, in every effort – and complete set, there is a point when you know that you have done the work.  Other than the combination of self-help audiobooks or the Disclosure / Meduza  and Gorgon City beats, fuelling correctly with the likes of Citrus CarboFuel and a Citrus Classic Energy Gel does help ease the suffering


Ben hopes to complete a 3:15 (read sub-3) marathon, and like most runners, is inspired by Kipchoge.  However, his greatest motivation comes from the athletes that he works with.  “Seeing the work they put into their training and how they perform as a result of their hard work, I am inspired to do the same.” 


As a coach, Ben values his relationship with Cadence as an important one – considering the no nonsense, evidence based, safe products and the support offered to local and international athletes.



Career Highlights:
  • 1:28:48 Two Oceans Half Marathon


You can connect with Ben on:

Twitter: @BCapostagno

Instagram: @bencapostagno


Strava:  Benoit Capostagno