Frankie du Toit
February 16, 2021

Frankie du Toit

Frankie du Toit – SA Enduro Champ

Gravity Riding (Mtb)


Frankie’s already impressive list of titles don’t detract from her aspirations of being South Africa’s first female to compete at a EWC event. 


With her super-competitive nature, Frankie has been working to be her best since she first started riding her bike.  After a successful progression through the XCO ranks Frankie found herself burnt out with a fairly serious knee injury. Inspired by Tahnee Seagrave’s disciplined approach to constantly improving, but always having fun, Frankie returned with a new found passion for gravity riding.


Frankie loves pushing herself, particularly in a sprint, so “loves a 1min max sprint” effort.  Because of the intensity of this session, she’ll rely on CarboFuel drink for some quick-releasing energy, with an emergency CarboFuel Energy bar. (The Salted Chocolate Caramel Bars have become a mild obsession.)


Like so many, Jonkershoek offers up the perfect variety of long hills, flowy single track and rocky sections for Frankie’s training. Similarly, Frankie’s choice of music varies to suit the trail and her session – and can include anything from drum and bass to indie.  The one thing that remains constant: Frankie’s ability to perform her best during training, racing and recovery optimally with Cadence Nutrition products.  If all else fails, Frankie can bake a perfect batch of brownies that serve as equally good training and recovery nutrition!


Career Highlights:

  • 3 XCO World Championships
  • Racing Enduro overseas
  • South African National Downhill Champion
  • SA XCO Youth Champ
  • SA XCO/XCM/Road/ITT Junior Champ
  • African Junior ITT Champ, SA u23 XCO Champ
  • SA DH Champs and SA Elite Enduro Champ



You can connect with Frankie on:

Instagram: @frankiedutoit


Strava: Frankie du Toit