Edward Greene
January 27, 2021

Edward Greene

Edward Greene (aka Ed) – Cyclist


Based in Banyoles, the north-east region of Spain, Ed’s goals have shifted in line a countryside lifestyle, to simply stay fit, healthy and always ready for an adventure. 


Ed’s need to feel free and unstoppable was first sparked when flicking through the channels and seeing an Alpine Tour de France stage.  It seems fitting then, that his favourite session, mostly executed on the lower slopes of the famous Rocacorba climb is a 3 x 10min interval set.  The climb gradient, coupled with Cadence Carbofuel and Classic Energy Gel as fuel, make this an excellent workout, that “hurts so good”.


As someone who doesn’t stop and always feels there’s more to be done, Cadence Nutrition offers Ed excellent support in getting everything done and well-fuelled on his cycling adventures.



You can connect with Edward on:

Twitter: @edwardmgreene

Instagram: @edwardmgreene

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edward.greene

Strava: Edward Greene