Givemore Mudzinganyanyama
January 27, 2021

Givemore Mudzinganyanyama

Givemore Mudzinganyanyama – Road and Trail Runner
ASICS Frontrunner


Givemore’s natural running talent started with his love for sprinting at junior school, ahead of developing into his long-distance talent he’s well-known for today.


Currently in training for an Olympic marathon qualifying time of 2 hours, 11 minutes and 30 seconds, Givemore’s ultimate aim is to achieve IAAF Gold status in road running. 


Fuelling with 600ml of CarboFuel 2 ahead of training, Givemore looks forward to his long, 2 hour runs at the weekend, where he keeps his energy up by using Classic Energy Gels every 4km after the first 45 minutes. Using the 3,5km loop around Zoo Lake for his runs is challenging, but allows both support and fuelling options.


Givemore’s ability to endure pain during training is evident in his race results, which he dedicates to his children.  It is this hard work that contributes to his overall purpose of providing for their needs, that gives him hope. 


He has come to rely on Cadence to provide the necessary nutrition to train, race and recover to perform at his improving best.


Career Highlights:
  • Winner African X Trail Run
  • Winner Cape Town Marathon Trail
  • Winner Petro SA Half Marathon



You can connect with Givemore on:

Twitter: @givemorerun

Instagram: @givemorerun


Strava: Givemore Mudzinganyanyama